About T-Ports

T-Ports specialises in innovative solutions for the export of Australian commodities, partnering with customers and investors to use a flexible model that positions port infrastructure close to the product’s origin.

T-Ports was established in 2018 as a joint venture between Inheritance Capital Asset Management (ICAM), Duxton Asset Management and Sea Transport Corporation.

ICAM is an experienced South Australian fund manager founded around the former investment team of a South Australian Government insurance fund, with well-known directors and a strategic investment stake by global agribusiness fund manager Duxton Asset Management.

Duxton Asset Management specialises in investments in direct agriculture and Asian emerging markets, and as one of the leading international participants in agricultural investments, currently manages or advises investments across 540,000 hectares of farmland on five continents.

Sea Transport is a specialist marine design and consulting service and a world leader in the design and construction of transhipment vessels.

T-Ports was formed from these three partners which worked together to initiate the $115 million Lucky Bay Port Facility development, securing $96 million in private investor equity and debt.

The name T-Ports is based on the use of transhipment vessels, reflecting the innovation central to the Lucky Bay project in moving away from the region’s traditional port model.

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