Grain Marketing Options

Louis Dreyfus Company

Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) provide cash pricing at T-Ports Lock, Kimba and Lucky Bay sites.

Call Steph Arnold direct for pricing on 0422044417


AWB / Cargill

AWB / Cargill provides cash pricing for T-Ports Lock, Kimba and Lucky Bay sites.

Contact AWB / Cargill directly for up-to-date pricing information.

Or call Craig Povey on 0427600882. 

Hartree Partners

Hartree is pricing grain within both T-Ports supply chains at Lucky Bay and Wallaroo.

Contact Daniel Miller on mob: 0467 506 003 or Brett Reid on mob: 0439 001 495 for further details


Australian Grain Export

Australian Grain Export Pty Ltd (AGE) is a grain marketing company founded in 1996 in the Mid North of South Australia (Maitland). 

Please contact AGE directly for up-to-date pricing information – 8832 2800


ADM provides daily cash pricing for T-Ports Lock, Kimba and Lucky Bay sites. Register directly with ADM for regular pricing updates.

ADM can also provide ex-farm pricing for post-harvest delivery, where growers can take advantage of freight efficiencies. Call 1300 123 236

Market Check

Market Check is an independent, Australian owned business that offers year-round grain marketing education and services to Australian farmers.

Please contact Market Check directly for up-to-date pricing information – (08) 8661 7130

Flexi Grain

Flexi Grain is this year offering the Collaborative Export Program to growers who deliver grain to T-Ports. By exporting parcels of grain directly into global markets, Flexi Grain is able to access true global values for EP grain.

Flexi Grain will be actively managing price risk and providing regular strategy updates to participating growers. Call Sam Grieve on 0400 688 515

Clear Grain Exchange

Clear Grain Exchange operates an independent and secure grain exchange enabling all buyers, sellers, and their agents, to bid or offer grain at their price in an open and transparent market with secure settlement.

Contact them for more details on 1800 000 410

Advantage Grain Pty Ltd

Structured wheat, barley and canola marketing. Advantage is a low risk, structured way to market your grain. They deliver a low-risk approach to grain marketing. It sells an equal amount of grain over a 2, 4, 5 or 10-month time period. Call David Long on 0427 012 273


T-Ports Pty Ltd is a Corporate- member of Grain Trade Australia for the Financial year 2022/2023. All grain received will be in line with GTA and other industry standards.