T-Ports is proud to be opening its bunker sites at Lock and Lucky Bay for the 2019 harvest. Please read on for more information regarding harvest operations and to find important documentation regarding fees and warehousing terms and conditions.



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Operating Hours

Delivery by appointment only


1800 87 67 87
Jeff Cowan: 0477 348 774
Tim Gurney: 0428 867 070 



Wheat: H1, H2, APW, ASW
Barley: BAR1, SP1



Operating Hours

Delivery by appointment only


1800 87 67 87
Jeff Cowan: 0477 348 774
Tim Gurney: 0428 867 070 



Wheat: H1, H2, APW, ASW
Barley: BAR1, SP1*

*grower consultation will determine date of seg closing to make way for additional wheat seg

Active Binning

Growers will be able to capture more value for their grain at harvest following the introduction of active binning at T-Ports Lock and Lucky Bay sites. The active binning system enables growers to potentially achieve higher grades for their grain for those times when key specifications fall marginally outside receival standards.

Active binning is available for most wheat and barley grades at this stage and provides flexibility based on the quality parameters of protein, moisture, test weight and screenings.

T-Ports will actively manage grain partitions with live quality statistics to ensure they are maintained within GTA outturn standards to ensure grain will be out turned to meet export requirements within specification. Active binning will cease to be offered or not be available for grades where GTA outturn standards cannot be achieved.


Harvest Handbook

The T-Ports Harvest Handbook contains detailed information on how to deliver grain to T-Ports. Before delivering to a T-Ports site, please read this Handbook to ensure you are up-to-date with T-Ports procedures.  The following checklist provides the basic information to ensure your experience with T-Ports is smooth and problem free.


  • Trailers are clean prior to loading
  • Field bins/grain augers are cleaned out prior to first use and before changing commodities – free of contamination


  • Truck registration is valid, correct permits/licenses are carried
  • Tailgates are checked for safe operation in line with this procedure


  • Confirm site hours and available services – Please check www.tports.com/harvest and subscribe to the SMS service
  • Ensure a Harvest Delivery Form is completed and both the farmer and driver have signed off on each load
  • National Grower Registration (NGR) number is registered and ready for delivery
  • Delivery options have been discussed with driver/carrier (overloading/downgrading options


  • Sample stand – Check and confirm the load grading
  • Inwards weighbridge – Check and confirm gross weight
  • Grid – Follow the T-Ports site instructions for unloading
  • Outwards weighbridge – Check and confirm tare weight
  • FINALLY, check your information provided on your outwards docket


  • T-Ports provides storage for wheat and barley
  • All T-Ports Storage, Handling and Freight charges are available on the website: www.tports.com/harvest

To view the Harvest Handbook, click the button below or click directly on the handbook cover image.



Online services

T-Ports will offer growers access to their grain stocks to enable warehouse transfers via an online grower portal.  A login will be created when a grower/carrier delivers to a T-Ports site.

The portal is now available at www.tports.com/web-portal. This page also includes step-by-step instructions and answers to some frequently asked questions.

Receival standards

T-Ports receival standards will follow industry best practice and will be based on standards set by Grain Trade Australia, the Australian Oilseeds Federation and Pulse Australia.

We will be implementing an Eka-developed IT platform used in the grains industry for many years.

To ensure accuracy and consistency in the classification process, T-Ports will employ the latest technology to automate as much of the process as possible. Automatic truck probes and protein machines will be linked directly to computers, eliminating potential manual data entry errors.

Harvest Delivery Form

Copies of the Harvest Delivery Form booklet are available at the Lock and Lucky Bay bunker sites, the Kimba Transport office, Landmark Kimba, Ramsey Bros Cleve and Wudinna, or from General Manager Operations Tim Gurney.

Product ownership security

Under the grower warehousing terms and conditions and the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 Cth, any grain delivered to a T-Ports site remains the property of the owner (grower) and not the storage provider.


Safety is a main pillar of our business and driver safety is paramount on site.

Enclosed footwear and hi-visibility clothing are essential when undertaking any deliveries to site. There will also be a short driver induction process upon your first delivery.

Freight Rates

T-Ports registered Grain Trade Australia freight rate from our Lock site to Lucky Bay is $13.50/t.

This freight rate has been advised to the trade and may be reflected in the pricing differentials between the two sites.

Eyre Peninsula Freight Group

T-Ports has developed the T-Ports Eyre Peninsula Freight Group, or T-Ports Freight Service. This group of local carriers from across the catchment zone enables T-Ports to offer an efficient freight service to our grain traders and growers.

T-Ports is committed to supporting local employment by engaging local carriers and ensuring competition in our catchment zone. It is our aim to ensure the T-Ports EPFG get first preference for all commodities/goods that will be handled by T-Ports.

The EPFG director is Daniel Gregory from Kimba Transport. If you need any further information on the EPFG please contact Tim Gurney.

T-Ports is a member of Grain Trade Australia. All grain received will be in line with GTA and other industry standards.