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T-Ports is proud to be exporting Eyre Peninsula grain to the world using state-of-the-art transhipment technology. 

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EP Supply Chain update

Your existing Eyre Peninsula grain supply chain has significantly changed as T-Ports has now completed the loading of 6 grain vessels from your new multi-user, multi-commodity grain port at Lucky Bay.

You now have an option for a competitive supply chain on the Eyre Peninsula, a more efficient supply chain that was built with a transparent and respectful partnership approach with private funding and grower product support. Growers obtained a shareholding in this T-Ports facility with free grower equity acknowledging product support. The project was not contingent on grain grower funding, grower share purchasing or expensive memberships but in return T-Ports growers obtained FREE equity, a cheaper supply chain, a closer port option and trade competition in which to market their grain to the world.

We continue to see less efficient supply chains close silos rapidly across SA and the EP while other competitive options open and provide opportunity to growers. Silo closures will continue, given the recent trends, meaning paddock to port logistics will become the norm.

There is only one way this path will head and that is growers will need to take more ownership of their own supply chains from paddock to port ultimately identifying the best “farm gate price” for your product. On farm storage and freight efficiencies will become much more important to ensure more dollars are returned direct to growers’ pockets. This is nothing new when comparing what has happened in other states of Australia and watching how those growers have adapted to industry change.

EP grain growers now have very good reason to review, refine and reset their business models to maximise these savings that are now placed in front of them. Savings generated by T-Ports, local freight providers and the grain trade partners in a transparent and workable manner that understands the grower, accepts the challenges and is willing to join hands to grow together is something new to you, but a focus of ours that we know will create best value for us all.

T-Ports encourages you to contact us for guidance and information for on farm storage options and freight efficiencies that can be easily implemented into your current business model so savings can be made immediately in readiness for your next harvest.

We are forever grateful for the ongoing support shown to us and reiterate that now is the time to take charge and make the most of this opportunity, make the most of what we now have.

Kieran Carvill
June 2020

Financial information for growers

Financial services firm Bentleys have prepared this Grain Growers Guide to assist you with the interpretation of the Federal Government’s tax measures and provide information on investments and Farm Management Deposits (FMDs) and their relevance within the current climate for Eyre Peninsula growers.

On farm storage calculator

T-Ports has developed this Microsoft Excel-based calculator to enable you to compare the costs of various on farm storage options. By entering the number of tonnes to be cycled through each OFS option, it will provide a breakdown of 5-year and 10-year throughput and per tonne costs.

On farm storage guide

T-Ports has developed this on-farm storage guide to assist growers in making decisions on the types of grain storage that best suits their business model with a supplier list to obtain further information. The approximate pricing shown is to be used as a guide and for advertising purposes

T-Ports is a member of Grain Trade Australia. All grain received will be in line with GTA and other industry standards.