Web portal


How do I access the T-Ports web portal?

Access to the portal will be activated after you deliver for the first time to a T-Ports site.

When your NGR card is presented upon delivery, this will link your data from NGR into the T-Ports online data management system. You will then be able to visit www.tports.com/web-portal/ and use your NGR payee number to set up an account.

What is a payee number and where do I find it?

The payee number is issued by NGR and is made available to the growers when you first registered with NGR.

Your Payee ID is an 8-digit number that is shown in brackets next to your Trading Name, either on an NGR form; through myNGR Online; or via my NGR Mobile. 

You can also find your payee number on a remittance advice from a grain buyer.

Alternatively, you can contact T-Ports on 1800 87 67 87 who will advise your payee number.

How can I do a warehouse to warehouse (grower to grower) transfer?

Transferring grain from one NGR card to another is a straightforward process using the T-Ports web portal.

To do a warehouse to warehouse transfer, simply follow the process for Making a Transfer as outlined in the User Guide, then select the NGR card you wish to transfer the grain to. Follow the rest of the steps and the grain will be transferred.

How can I manage a sharefarming / split card arrangement?

When a NGR card is set up as a split card, it is set up to split only the payments, not the entitlement (ownership) of the grain. Therefore, this should be considered before or at the time of delivery. If the two parties on the split card are likely to want to choose different marketing options, it is best to deliver on two NGR cards and split the loads.

 Alternatively, if the grain is warehoused on the split card, you can undertake a transfer using the T-Ports web portal.

 If quality data needs to be retained for payment purposes, the grower to grower transfer will need to be carried out ticket by ticket from the 60/40 card to the individual 100% NGR cards. This will mean two transfers for each ticket.

Who can I contact if I need help?

If you require assistance with the T-Ports web portal, please call 1800 87 67 87 and follow the prompts to be directed to a member of the service team.

Alternatively, you can email your inquiry to support@tports.com