Tim Gurney

Tim Gurney

Tim has a wealth of experience in grain storage, exports and port management having successfully managed five of South Australia’s seven grain ports. He is a driven and experienced professional who strives for efficient safe handling of high quality products so end users are highly satisfied.

Tim has professional expertise in the storage and handling of more than 30 types of grain as well as non-grain commodities including fertiliser, salt, mineral sands, dolomite, gypsum and limestone.

He has managed nearly 50 up-country grain storage facilities, including 13 large bunker sites, in SA over the past 23 years, and all five of the major grain port facilities on the Yorke Peninsula and Eyre Peninsula.

Tim has been heavily involved in the design, construction and commissioning of many strategic grain sites across SA.

He chaired SA’s grain processing group responsible for eight grain cleaning sites and has managed three fertiliser import and storage distribution outlets on Yorke Peninsula and Eyre Peninsula.

His extensive work on EP and YP has enabled him to establish many credible and valuable relationships with growers.