Kieran Carvill

Kieran Carvill

Originally from Ireland, Kieran’s background is in shipping and grain trading and he has worked with a number of well-known global companies in the industry.

Kieran has worked with Sea Transport Corporation since 2014 where he was responsible for the creation and development of a portfolio of agricultural and mineral port projects in Australia and Asia.

Kieran was CBICS / KCH Steel International Sales and Procurement Manager, responsible for creation and development of a portfolio of suppliers and customers in Asia. He was subsequently appointed Managing Director, taking on team management and strategic development worldwide.

He spent three years at AC Toepfer as European and Eastern European Grain Trading Manager working across market risk, trade profitability, analysis, strategy and the management of pan European trading.

Other roles include International Commodity Manager and World Product Manager for Cargill where he managed the full trading and back office team, worldwide coarse grain trading, pan European wheat and coarse grain trading, as well as Company representation with the European Union.

Kieran holds a Masters of Economics from The University of Dublin and is fluent in German, English, and French.