T-Ports introduces active binning, expands offering at Lock

Growers will be able to capture more value for their grain this harvest following the introduction of active binning at T-Ports Lock and Lucky Bay sites. In addition, the Lock site is now offering a broader range of segregations for growers to deliver their grain.

T-Ports Chief Executive Officer Kieran Carvill said the active binning system enables growers to potentially achieve higher grades for their grain even if the specifications fall just outside receival standards.

“We have been listening to grower feedback and are pleased we’re able to implement the active binning at both our sites to enable growers to achieve maximum value for their grain,” he said.

“We’ve also increased the number of segregations we can offer at Lock through the purchase of a new bunker loading/machine and construction of a new bunker by early next week.

“We are expanding our capacity through the construction of a new bunker and purchase of additional equipment as a direct result of grower feedback and the immediate support they’ve shown.”

Active binning is available for all wheat and barley grades at this stage and provides flexibility based on moisture, screenings and protein receival standards.

T-Ports will actively manage grain partitions with live quality statistics to ensure they are maintained within GTA outturn standards and grain can be out turned to meet export requirements. If the partition average falls below these standards, active binning will not be available.

Mr Carvill said T-Ports is keen to continue to receive feedback from growers so it can further streamline the offering at both sites to suit growers’ needs.

“In our first year of accepting grain into our sites, we are listening to and learning from feedback to us directly from growers so we can adjust our offering as we come into full operations,” he said.

“We are a company built on strong community values and we want to ensure we are delivering the services to our community of growers what they need, when they need it. We want to ensure we are offering the most efficient and cost-effective service that we can.

“We thank growers, and particularly our Business Liaison Group, who have provided us with feedback so far and encourage any grower delivering to our sites who has thoughts they want to share to let us know. Speak to our staff on-site or contact us directly, we’d love to hear from you.”