T-Ports partners with Flexi Grain to offer EP growers marketing options

Eyre Peninsula grain growers who deliver to T-Ports sites will have an alternative grain marketing option this harvest with Flexi Grain offering their marketing products.

In what has been a challenging season for most, it is expected many will look to warehouse in a bid to capture post-harvest price opportunities. Flexi Grain offers area-based and fixed tonnage (harvest) pool contracts.

Initially established in the Victorian Mallee in 2013, Flexi Grain expanded into Western and South Australia in 2017.

Flexi Grain say growers need to consider some key questions if the 2019 crop ends up having a similar outcome as the 2018 crop, including:

1. Will 2018 harvest cash prices return for this harvest?
If not, what grain marketing strategies can you implement to maximise the value of your grain?

2. What is fair value for grain at harvest time?
How can you determine what is fair value for your grain?

3. Can your grain access East Coast markets?
Should a drought market re-emerge, will your grain have access to East Coast markets and the associated domestic price premiums?

4. Can you generate harvest cash-flow while participating in post-harvest markets?
What post-harvest strategies would you implement?

Flexi Grain will be providing more detail on its product offerings at upcoming grower meetings with T-Ports. For more information, please contact:
Sam Grieve
Flexi Grain SA Regional Manager
0400 688 515

Tim Gurney
T-Ports General Manager Operations
0428 867 070